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Regina anaesthesia machine has been conceived to take care of all conventional priorities or needs of a clinical practice of moderate cost, even though the basic equipment can be enlarged or improved in features through the inclusion of specific equipment, depending on the requirements of each user.
The standard equipment includes:
• Aluminium chassis, central working tray, two drawers and a superior tray to support the monitors.
• Delivery method for the anaesthetic gas: Rotameter bank for 2 or 3 gases with a mechanical anti-hypoxic device.
• Pneumatic ventilator with electronic monitoring, or multimode electronic ventilator with wave forms display.
• Anchorage unit for two Selectatec® vaporizers.
• Anaesthetic agent vaporizer Selectatec® with interlock®.
• Circular system with CO2 absorber.
• Patient "Y" circuit with masks for adults and children.
• Visual and audible alarm for O2 failure or pressure under 1 Kg/cm2
• Automatic N2O cut-off system.
• Emergency oxygen (30 - 70 L/min) flush button.
• Revolving fresh gases outlet with spontaneous respiration valve.
• Lateral rails for accessories.
• Antistatic wheels of 125 mm (two of them with breaks).
• Dimensions: 540 x 740 x 1,400 mm.

Available options:

• Central table with dual gas installation: Charge from pipelines and installations for reserve of gases cylinders of O2 and N2O, plus auxiliary outlets of O2
• Low flows rotameter bank with 4 or 6 tubes.
• Children bellows 0 - 350 mL.
• Coaxial circuit (Mapleson D - Bain).
• Coaxial open circuit Jackson Rees (for Children).
• Articulate arm to support the patient’s circuit.
• Vaporizers available for anaesthetic agents: Halothane (H), Isofluorane (I), Sevorane (S) and Enfluorane (E).
• AGSS – Anaesthetic gases scavenging system.
• Lateral support (parking) for 3rd vaporizer.
• Pressure regulators for O2, N2O or Air cylinders.
• Reserved bottles with 2 L pin-index gases, of O2 or N2O.
• CO2 absorber canister of 1,000 g of soda lime.
• Support for additional canister.