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Regina MRI

Regina anaesthesia machine has been conceived to take care of all conventional priorities or needs of a clinical practice inside the magnetic resonance scanner rooms.
The standard equipment includes:

• Aluminium chassis, central working tray, two drawers and a superior tray to support the monitors.
• Delivery method for the anaesthetic gas: Rotameter bank for 2 or 3 gases with a mechanical anti-hypoxic device.
• Pneumatic ventilator.
• Anchorage unit for two Selectatec® vaporizers.
• Anaesthetic agent vaporizer Selectatec® with interlock®.
• Circular system with CO 2 absorber.
• Patient "Y" circuit with masks for adults and children.
• Visual and audible alarm for O2 failure or pressure under 1 Kg/cm2
• Automatic N2O cut-off system.
• Emergency oxygen (30 - 70 L/min) push button.
• Revolving fresh gases outlet with spontaneous respiration valve.
• Lateral rails for accessories.
• Antistatic wheels of 125 mm (two of them with breaks).
• Dimensions: 540 x 740 x 1,400 mm.

The following options are available:

• Low flows rotameter bank with 4 or 6 tubes.
• Children bellows 0 - 350 mL.
• Coaxial Circuit (Mapleson D - Bain).
• Coaxial open circuit Jackson Rees (for Children).
• Vaporizers available for anaesthetic agents: Halothane (H), Isofluorane (I), Sevorane (S) and Enfluorane (E).
• AGSS - Anaesthetic gases scavenging system.
• Lateral support (parking) for 3rd vaporizer.
• CO2 absorber canister of 1,000 g of soda lime.
• Support for an additional canister.