Leading Brands

KAV-1 CO2 circular anaesthetic circuit

KAV-1 is a circular anaesthetic circuit that is reusable and can be sterilized in autoclave. It is composed of unidirectional inspiration and expiration circuits, along side a CO2 absorber system.
Even though it can be used in any type of anaesthesia, it is specially designed for its use with low flows.
Its basic elements are:

• Unique inlet of fresh gases.
• Inspiration and expiration lines, with unidirectional valves.
• Automatic / manual selector.
• Spontaneous-manual ventilation system, with reservoir bag.
• CO2 absorber system (canister).
• APL or over pressure relieve valve.
• Humidity camera.

It allows fthe addition of a pressure gauge of the airway, and a Wrigth spirometer.
Manufactured in stainless steel, brass, silicone and polycarbonate Apec HT. The resin Apec HT can be distinguished by its great mechanical and thermal resistance. The equipment is easy to disassemble, and can be sterilized by autoclave.