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Perflow Dual

Click style flowmeter for hospital pipelines, with 14 precalibrated flows, with a pressure reducer incorporated inside. Flowmeter to be used with all kinds of pipelines pressures, giving always accurate flows no matter the inlet pressure coming from the installation.


Several models for adults, paediatrics and neonates available.



Materials: body made of aluminium, polycarbonate dial, DISS outlet made of chromium-plated brass. Rest of parts made of stainless steel, NBR, silicone and polyamide.

Inlet: Witworth GAS 1/8"

Outlet: DISS oxygen 9/16" x 18h UNF


Perflow P4 OX15 0-15 L/min

Perflow P4 OX50 0-50 L/min.

Fixed input pressure: 4 bar (58 psi).

Dimensions: 56 x 37 mm.

Weight: 98 gr.


Perflow P5 OX15 0-15 L/min.

Perflow P5 OX50 0-50 L/min.

Fixed input pressure: 3,45 bar (50 psi

Dimensions: 56 x 37 mm.

Weight: 98 gr.


Perflow multy OX1 0-1 L/min.

Perflow multy OX5 0-5 L7min.

Perflow multy OX15 0-15 L/min.

Perflow multy incorporates a pressure stabilizer micro-regulator that assures the flow exactitude although the supply pressure changes.

Variable input pressure: 3 – 5,5 bar (43 – 80 psi).

Dimensions: 65 x 38 mm

Weight: 112 gr.


Available with fittings: BS, NF, DIN y SS. Other fittings, to consult.


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